Funeral Flowers

heartroseRemember aunt Jill? She always loved being in her garden, attending to her tulips in spring, or Harry who spent hours pottering round his rose bushes and growing the biggest, most fragrant roses you’ve ever seen. Remember grandma Laura? She loved the pretty Lilly of the Valley. They were part of her wed- ding bouquet and she got a little bunch of them every year on her wedding day, until the day she died…

People relate to flowers in a special way. And this relationship makes for a great floral tribute on their funeral, cremation or memorial service. If there is a special flower that reminds you of your loved one or symbolises the relationship you had with them, then we will do our best to create a one of a kind floral tribute, delivered to any location in London and North-Surrey.

Contemporary funeral flowers

wreath-front-homepage-defFuneral flowers can symbolize the relationship you had with a loved one, represent their character or reflect their way of life. A personal or seasonal choice makes for a great tribute to their funeral, cremation or memorial service. You can choose a range of styles and shapes in different colours and sizes from this website in the shop and have the arrangements delivered to a location of your choice.  We also have a range of bouquets that can be sent to someone who’s in your thoughts, whatever the occasion. At Rose and Mary we can do anything with flowers to suit your need. Floral tributes in the shape of a name, teddy bear, letter, religious symbols and sporting tributes, to name but a few, can all be made on request.


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There are no rules when it comes to choosing your personal favorite flowers, or the favorite of your loved one. In the shop you can find a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Prices can vary according to your choice or season. So please send us an email to discuss your personal preferences on give us a call on: 07958293130 or 020 8288 8939.