Every thing you need to know about wedding flowers

Whether you are planning your big fat dream wedding or just nipping to the registry office next week, know that flowers play a big part in your wedding decor.

Choosing wedding flowers isn’t something you do every day so we are happy to hold your hand and take you down the flower path. Flowers can make such an impact on your wedding decor. It is wise to collect your thoughts and wishes. And don’t worry, we are happy to help you with any questions you have.

Tell us your wishes

Our service is entirely dedicated to what YOU want on your wedding day, so you are leading the way. Here at Rose&Mary we are ready with advise on seasonality, styling, colour palette and working within your set budget.

We are happy to talk to you

Before you are ready to book your wedding flowers please come along to a free consultation where we will talk you through the options so we can make your big day not just how you imagined it, but even more amazing! Consultations are no hassle, no obligation, free of charge and we can either come and see you or you come and see us.

A consultation (or a quick chat!) can be booked by calling us on 07958293130 or drop us a line at info@roseandmary.co.uk

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What we need to know in advance

It is advisable that you come prepared with details of the venue (if you have chosen one already), a budget (if you have one) and a moodboard or a scrapbook with as much visible information. A Pinterest board would be a good idea aswell. With your input we can have a good idea of what you would like. And don’t worry if you don’t, we will show you lots of pictures too! The more information we have, the more accurate we can quote you!

Weddings are a special and personal occasion

As weddings are such a personal and varied occasion we can’t really provide you with a standard pricelist but as we are a studio florist with little overheads we can provide your wedding flowers at a much more competitive rate than most florists.

Wedding flowers

How much do wedding flowers cost?

There are three kinds of wedding flowers: flowers for the bridal party, like a bouquets and corsages. Flowers for your venue and for your reception, like pedestal and tabletop arrangements. A flowery buttonhole corsage can be as cheap as £5, a floral arch as costly as £ 1000. If you like to know more, read our blogpost on how much wedding flowers cost.

How do you fit your whishes in a budget

There are a lot of impressive pictures on Pinterest and Instagram, showing you beautiful wedding flowers. We can help you how to roughly calculate what those inspirational images on Pinterest would cost and how to translate that to flowers that will fit within your budget.


Colour schemes and seasons

Want peonies in autumn and tulips in summer? Then these flowers will be very hard to come by and also very expansive. If you are going to spend a substantial amount of money on flowers, our advise is to keep it seasonal. Every season has it’s own distinct flowers and colour schemes.


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